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The Debt Resolution Program and its Risk

There are some specific risks involving Debt Resolution. Our services are designed for people who are unable to make their minimum monthly payments to their creditors or about to be unable to do so.. It is important that the client understand that by not paying their monthly bills, whether they hire us or not, they run the risk of creditors taking legal action, seeking to garnish wages, garnish bank accounts, or put a lien on property. If you don't pay your secured loans, like car or mortgage payments, the creditor may seek to repossess your property or otherwise foreclose on the property. Not paying at least the minimum monthly payments due will have a negative impact on credit scores and their ability to get loans. The goal of debt resolution is to ultimately receive letters from their creditors showing that their accounts were settled and the debt is no longer owed. The primary focus of Debt Resolution is to help the client become debt free in the quickest and most cost effective manner possible. When all debts are resolved, assuming that the client is current on any other payment obligations, past negative credit history should begin to fall off of the credit report.

Another issue associated with Debt Resolution are creditor/collector phone calls. While enrolled in a Debt Resolution program, the client may receive phone calls from creditors demanding payment. Some of these phone calls may be harsh. Contrary to what anyone hears, the original creditor has a right to call. However, there are rules they must follow that many do not. Communications from collection agencies are further regulated. Though we will not take any action that may be construed as interfering with the client's contractual relationships, we will advise the client to better understand how to deal with the calls and will provide information on how to potentially slow or stop the calls. We will be able to send correspondence to creditors, directly from the law firm, to significantly reduce the calls or redirect those calls to the law firm’s offices. In the event that the client is being harassed by creditor/collector calls, the FDCPA protects the client your attorney is ready to help in these cases.

Debt resolution is a fluid process and there is no guarantee that the client's debts will be resolved, or that creditors will agree to anything other than payment in full. We will go over these and other risks of debt resolution with you.

DLF is a law firm handling collection calls, FDCPA violation representation, debt validation requests, and litigation support. Additionally, in the event the client decides to retain counsel through the law firm to file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, DLF will discount the client's attorney fees based on the client's past billings. If the client qualifies for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can convert to bankruptcy at any time.If they don't, the client likely has the option of converting to chapter 13 Bankruptcy.